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Loft Insulation

Loft insulation is the easiest and most economical method of heat retention. It is an effective insulator for 40 years and more if installed properly. Check your eligibility and save up to £225/per year on your energy bills. Loft spaces are easy to access and don’t have condensation issues are ideal for loft insulation. In case your loft struggles with these issues, they need to be corrected. Click on apply now and fill the form and our experts will contact you. 

Free Loft Insulation Grant
cavity wall insulation

Cavity wall Insulation

Since not all homes are ideal for insulation, you must consult the best and most reputed company for a complete survey of your home before taking any action. If your home is built before 1985, your property is losing 35% of valuable heat through the walls. Sounds awful, right? Installing cavity wall insulation will help you save money on energy bills.

Extrnal Wall Insulation

The energy efficiency and sustainability of any structure depend heavily on the insulation of its exterior walls. Insulating the external walls helps to decrease heat gain and loss during the warmer and colder seasons, which lowers energy consumption and lowers costs. Additionally, the insulation aids in maintaining a constant interior temperature, improving passenger comfort. Exterior wall insulation also protects against moisture, stopping mould growth and structural damage.

grant for exterior wall insulation
Free Underfloor Insulation Grant

Underfloor Insulation

Since suspended timber floors feel draughty! Most suspended timber floors tend to entail floorboards laid on top of timber floor joists. These draughts are commonly reduced by liners laid beneath the timber or your laminated floors, however, they fail to stop the draughts as the edges aren’t taped to make them completely airtight. 

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What is ECO4?

The fourth phase of Energy Company Obligation will be a four-year scheme that is intended to course from 1st April 2022 to 31st March 2026. The goal of ECO4 is to make our country a better place to reside by improving the low energy-efficient homes occupied by vulnerable households and poor income.

Does this scheme have anything to do with the UK government?

Yes. The ECO4 grant is the latest version of the ongoing initiative by the government to improve energy efficiency in Great Britain. With many households suffering from fuel poverty, the initiative is targeted towards them and those with low-income households.

What is better- condensing or non-condensing boiler?

A non-condensing boiler is no longer allowed to be installed or used in UK properties since they are considered less efficient. Condensing boiler systems are 30% more efficient and economical.

What type of heating system or boiler will we get?

After running the eligibility check, you will be granted with A-grade ideal condensing boiler. This may vary.

How much can we save with a new boiler?

ECO4 grants will provide you with the latest Grade condensing boiler that will help you save up to 30% on energy bills and sometimes more. This will help reduce the emissions and impact of future price hikes. 

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