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Boiler Grant Scheme: Replace Your Boiler for Free

The boiler grant scheme by the UK government aims to change the UK civilian households into a green powerhouse, with more awareness and concrete steps towards understanding how we can better protect our environment. At Eco Boiler Grants, we have taken it as a duty upon ourselves to help bring this vision to life, by replacing thousands of boilers all across the UK, making homes more energy efficient, and our customers satisfied.

Our customer come first, that means our whole aim to satisfy them by making the process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Why does this matter? Because we believe that we help the environment by making sure people who take steps to protect it are happy. It is a common feeling that our silent list shares, satisfaction with how the whole process took place and how their new heating systems feel. Our engineers have years of experience up their sleeve, and know how to work through all the problems they might face without an issue. Our team also coordinates with our clients, to help meet them at times convenient to them, in order to have minimal disruptions in their daily lives.


By replacing your old boiler, you do not protect your environment by reducing your carbon footprint, you also make sure that you pay less on your bills. That is because the new boilers are much more efficient, reaching efficiency rates of up to 98%, compared to your old boiler that can be anywhere between 70% and 80%. New boilers are designed to use the heat they produce by recycling the flue gases instead of releasing them with their excess heat. The boilers we install also have extended warranties and tend to break down less, that means that you will be saving on maintenance fees as a result. We researched all the small ins and outs of the boiler world, understanding all the issues and dilemmas you might face, and have put ourselves ahead of the game by making sure that you do not have to feel alone in the harsh winter months, and instead know that you can stay warm for less.

The ECO4 scheme that provides energy grants to replace your old boiler for a new and efficient one is aimed at citizens facing energy poverty. In order to create a more equal living standards across UK households, the government took steps to ensure that they both have the optimum heat providing systems. That means that the grants also cover the systems that can be installed alongside the boilers, such as internal wall insulation, loft insulations and radiators. Many of our clients expressed the feeling of living in a new home from the big change they experience with the changed hardware.

We have made replacing your boiler easy, by filling in the form, you can easily check your eligibility. Our team will contact you in less than 24 hours to confirm your eligibility, before booking appointments at a time of your convenience so that our team can visit your property, do the survey and inform you if you might be eligible for more than a boiler, or if your home needs upgrading of other hardware. You then book the second and last appointment to have your new hardware installed, and you are ready to enjoy your new heating system. Fill in the form or call on our number to have our team fill it in for you, it won’t take more than 60 seconds, and can help save the environment and you hundreds of pounds a year!

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The most comprehensive complete-system warranty in the solar industry. Hassle-free replacement, repair or reimbursement.

What is ECO4?

The fourth phase of Energy Company Obligation will be a four-year scheme that is intended to course from 1st April 2022 to 31st March 2026. The goal of ECO4 is to make our country a better place to reside by improving the low energy-efficient homes occupied by vulnerable households and poor income.

Does this scheme have anything to do with the UK government?

Yes. The ECO4 grant is the latest version of the ongoing initiative by the government to improve energy efficiency in Great Britain. With many households suffering from fuel poverty, the initiative is targeted towards them and those with low-income households.

What is better- condensing or non-condensing boiler?

A non-condensing boiler is no longer allowed to be installed or used in UK properties since they are considered less efficient. Condensing boiler systems are 30% more efficient and economical.

What type of heating system or boiler will we get?

After running the eligibility check, you will be granted with A-grade ideal condensing boiler. This may vary.

How much can we save with a new boiler?

ECO4 grants will provide you with the latest Grade condensing boiler that will help you save up to 30% on energy bills and sometimes more. This will help reduce the emissions and impact of future price hikes. 

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