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ECO4 scheme, free boiler replacement scheme

Free Boiler Replacement Scheme

UK homeowners have recently been granted increased funding to help them upgrade their boilers and home heating systems. If eligible, you can get a new more efficient boiler that would help bring your bills and carbon footprint down.

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First time central heating grant

If never had central heating at your property before, then you can qualify to have your First time centra heating system installed. ECO4 scheme is designed to give you a warmer, more comfortable home for Free. 

First Time Central Heating Grant

Free Back Boiler Replacement grants

The ECO4 Scheme targets homes with back boilers as they are highly inefficient. Homeowners with back boilers come to us because they are tired of having to constantly fix them. If you’re eligible, you can have them replaced for free. Our team is highly experienced and know how to carry out the process in a quick streamlined manner.

Free Boiler Replacement

Free non-Condensing replacement grants

Condensing boilers are the latest state of the art technology because of their efficiency and therefore their ability to save on your bills. If you or someone in your house receives benefits and your boiler is non condensing, then you can check your eligibility to receive a new one for free.

Air Source Heat Pump Grant

Free Insulation Grants

If you are eligible for an insulation grant, you can get a new one for free. Why apply? Because loft insulations are the proven best method of heat retention. Check for your eligibility and we will help update your home heating system and upgrade it in every way we can!


Our Grants

Know the Criteria’s for Free Boiler Eligibility Under the ECO4 Scheme:

  • The homeowner has to be the person applying for the grant. 
  • They have to be receiving any sort of government benefits to qualify.
  • The existing boiler has to be installed should be non condensing or highly inefficient. 

If you think you qualify, fill in the form and we will get back to you. Even if you don’t fall under the ECO4 funding, you might be eligible under another government scheme. These grants have recently become a more focal point of the UK government as they raise their efforts to tackle climate change. The UK citizen is the main beneficiary of these efforts, with the fundings increasing in October 2023, they are supported through both hard and better times. As energy prices rise, consumers can now replace their old inefficient boilers for new efficient boilers. How efficient are we talking? While old boilers can reach a 80% efficiency rate, new condensing boilers have a 98% efficiency rate. That is hundreds of pounds a year!

As some families suffer from fuel poverty, it is important they make use of this grant, as it helps them reduce their consumption of gas and fossil fuels dramatically, helping them direct their fundings to areas of their lives which they would need it more. 

Having a more advanced boiler in your home means you can control the temperature of the water moving in your radiators easier, meaning you will save on your bills because your radiators will not be working unnecessarily hard. Older boilers do not allow for this as the readings they give are usually off, or are harder to control, forcing many to just keep their radiators working at peak performance all the time. 

A central heating system is then able to perform better, that is because they can still keep your house warm at temperatures of 60 degrees, which is an optimal and a good bill saving option. Under the ECO4 scheme you can qualify for a free central heating system if it’s your first time, as the government uses this to help bring more carbon reducing options to the table. Our engineers understand how best to install a central heating system so that it compliments your home and warms it effectively for the lowest amount of energy.

 At ECO Boiler Grants, we know that our clients place importance on being comfortable while at the same time reducing their energy bills, and in recent times, many more are also encouraged by the benefits to the environment as we head into more difficult times where action needs to be taken. The new free central heating system that we install in your home helps bring up its value in the market, as it raises it from an inefficient energy wasting home to one that is of high UK standard, which is the aim of the ECO4 scheme, to make sure all UK citizens are able to enjoy the same level of comfort and energy security. 

The most common installations in the ECO4 scheme have been the wall installations, with external and internal both covered under the scheme. Floor insulations are also important and have been recommended to many of customers by our engineers. Some also opt for greener options such as air source heat pumps and solar panels, which the ECO4 scheme makes much more affordable and within reach top lower income households. Since they don’t use fossil fuels or gas, they save much on bills and are therefore one of the top choices of those who choose to put some money into the initial investment. 

Don’t hold yourself back, as the ECO4 scheme becomes more available across the UK, it is important to choose the right energy supplier who would help support you through the experience gained by being in the field for many years across the UK and Ireland. Some of the benefits that qualify you under the ECO4 scheme are child tax credit, income support and jobseeker’s allowance. If for any reason you are unsure whether you qualify or not, fill in the form and one of our experts will be in contact with you in less than 24 hours. The rest of the process is convenient and only done in time slots of your choice, which only include survey and installation dates. Fill the form here to learn more.

Our Grants

free boiler scheme

You must receive qualifying benefits.

free boiler scheme

You must own a home or a private tenant.

free boiler scheme

You must complete our eligibility checker.

ABOUT Eco Boiler Grants

Local councils are offering funding grants to those eligible households to improve the energy efficiency of their home and reduce their carbon footprint. The UK’s benefits system can be cumbersome, fret not! We understand how overwhelming it can be, especially for those using it for the first time. Connect with us and Let our team empower you to claim your benefits.


  • Income Basked Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Income Related Employment & Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Income Support (IS)
  • Pension Guarantee Credit
  • Working Tax Credit (WTC)
  • Child Tax Credit (CTC)
  • Universal Credit (UC)
  • Housing Benefit (New Eligible Benefit Under ECO4)
  • Pension Savings Credit (New Eligible Benefit Under ECO4)
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Find out if your house qualifies for a FREE heating and insulation upgrade.

Reduced energy consumption is one of the many benefits of switching to a central heating system. Our government is trying to help our customers make clean and green choices. A central heating system makes it easier for the users to maintain a consistent temperature in their home, unlike electric heaters. Get yourself a FREE modern central heating system or boiler to boost the energy efficiency in your home, making it easier to sell.
Start saving on heating bills with a government ECO4 grant. Stop paying unnecessarily for an inefficient heating system.

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