Cavity wall insulation

cavity wall insulation

Get your Cavity Wall Insulation. Save energy!

Since not all homes are ideal for insulation, you must consult the best and most reputed company for a complete survey of your home before taking any action. If your home is built before 1985, your property is losing 35% of valuable heat through the walls. Sounds awful, right? Installing cavity wall insulation will help you save money on energy bills.

You’re thinking, how do I know if cavity walls are insulated? How will it help me save money?

  • Cavity walls consist of two bricklayers with gaps between them.
  • Modern homes are insulated within the cavity.
  • Homes constructed between 1924 and 1982 are insulated.
  •  Cavity wall insulation keeps your home warm and maintains comfort levels within the premises.

What is Cavity Wall Insulation?

If your property is built post-1930, it is more likely to be equipped with cavity walls. This is where an external wall is constructed of two walls, with a cavity of 40mm between.
It is installed by drilling holes in the external wall and injecting a bonded ingredient. If your home is equipped with cavity walls, it is likely to be laid in a uniform pattern and long ways.

Free & Government Funded

Many wonder how come to these energy companies are doing this for free. Well, this is a part of ECO, an energy company obligation, operated by the British Government. You can connect with our professionals to learn more about the ECO4 scheme. The benefit of the ECO scheme is that you can claim it for free.

  • Government-backed program
  • Put an end to high energy bills. Save money with cavity wall insulation.
  • Experience a cosier and warmer house.
  • Improve property value.
  • Zero Maintenance.
Cavity Wall Insulation