External Wall Insulation Grants

grant for exterior wall insulation

Why External wall insulation?

The energy efficiency and sustainability of any structure depend heavily on the insulation of its exterior walls. Insulating the external walls helps to decrease heat gain and loss during the warmer and colder seasons, which lowers energy consumption and lowers costs. Additionally, the insulation aids in maintaining a constant interior temperature, improving passenger comfort. Exterior wall insulation also protects against moisture, stopping mould growth and structural damage. Additionally, it lessens noise transfer, resulting in a quieter interior. In general, exterior wall insulation is essential for increasing a building’s sustainability, comfort, and energy economy.

What is External wall insulation?

The exterior walls are fitted with an insulation layer and then finished with cladding or render. You can choose from a number of finishes, including smooth, textured, tiled, painted, and brick/stone appearance.

Exterior wall insulation offers a waterproof covering that will safeguard your brickwork, improve sound absorption, and assist in avoiding dampness issues. The insulation material is placed to the outside of a building so that installation will cause the least amount of inconvenience and won’t affect the floor space. Also, it will improve the look of your walls, raise the property’s worth, and save your heating costs significantly.

Mould Prevention

Internal wall insulation leaves zero impact on properties exterior. This is considered appropriate, especially for those planning to improve their home’s energy efficiency, without making any changes to their external look.

Saves Money

Insulation installation will reduce energy bills. You don’t have to use central heating since it helps retain heat within your home.

Zero Heat Loss

You can ensure your home’s interior temperature all year round, provided you have properly insulated your home. reducing the requirement for turning up the heat.

How Does Installation Work?

Internal wall insulation works great by fitting rigid insulation boards to the interior of your home or by installing a stud wall filled up using insulation material. This insulation type will significantly reduce the floor area of the room it is installed. Our team of experienced internal wall insulation installers will arrive at the premise, access your space, and advise you on choosing effective internal wall insulation options. We have years of experience installing these walls and have answered thousands of questions.
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