Discover Free Heating Scheme as We Head into Winter

As the UK Government invests into its more efficient heating and energy saving plan, to develop its grid and progress towards its goal of net zero carbon emission by 2050, you might want to see the options you have that can help you save money on bills for free. Explore the different plans that you might be eligible for free for and check the different flexible times through which the process of turning your home into a greener one with the department of energy.

It is a legal requirement to have more efficient heating systems, and this is why the free heating scheme was created, to help you contribute more to a healthier environment and a healthier you. Many different health issues can arise from having faulty heating systems such as carbon monoxide poisoning. Let’s explore why taking advantage of this scheme can make your daily life easier and better. Let’s see why you should take advantage of an upgraded heating system, with more than 12 million pounds invested by the government to help you feel warm and save on your bills.

Benefits of Our Upgraded Free Heating Scheme:

The systems we install are equipped with the latest technologies, maximising the comfort of the homeowner by allowing him to accurately tailor the temperature of the house according to his needs. The thermostat and dials of the old systems are usually not accurate and do not allow for the same level of customizability as the new systems do.

Our new systems are more reliable and able to endure more than the old ones. That means that in addition to saving costs from the more efficient system, you will also need to call in maintenance less.

The safety upgrades of the new systems are also important, as they consider more risks and help homeowners avoid accidents by having more advanced safety and shut-off mechanisms.

If you are looking to sell your property, the upgraded systems help increase the property value, so don’t delay if you are waiting to move, help make your current home safer and more valuable.

Our favourite is the reduction in sound pollution. The new systems offer a much quieter operation which helps create a better and more peaceful living space, ideal for people who like to spend time in their home in winter!

How The Free Heating Scheme Is Targeted at The Most Vulnerable

While the free heating scheme is designed to make your life more comfortable, it is also aimed at people who find it hard to upgrade the heating system at their own expense. With up to 5000 pounds available for households to become more energy efficient and less dependent on fossil fuels, fill the form on our main page to explore if you qualify, and what you qualify for. Our agents are available to help understand your unique circumstances and try their best to deliver a plan that would help you get the most out of the scheme.

The UK government has a collective responsibility towards all members of the society, and out of it comes the obligation towards everyday citizens who might find it hard to afford an upgraded heating system. We aim to explore all your options, to help make sure that you are part of the community and not left behind. At ECO Boiler Grant, we get our clients the best possible deal, putting their comfort and happiness above all.

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