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If you are Homeowner and one of the GIBS measure recommendation shows in your EPC.Eco boiler grant will install that measure free of cost. Private tenant can also avail this grant if they are talking benefits such as Universal credits , pension credits etc

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GBIS Grants


Tackle rising energy bills in the UK with the Great British Insulation Scheme!

Loft Insulation Grant

This grant covers the cost of insulating your loft, which helps retain heat within your home and reduce heating expenses.

Cavity Wall Insulation Grant

Fill the gaps between your exterior walls with insulation at no cost. This significantly reduces heat loss and leading to lower energy bills.

Underfloor Insulation (UFI)

Receive free insulation for your home's floors, helping to prevent heat loss through the ground and making your home warmer.

Flat Roof Insulation (FRI)

Insulate your flat roof for free to maintain a consistent indoor temperature and reduce heating costs.

Room in Roof Insulation

Get free insulation for rooms located in the roof, such as loft conversions, to ensure these spaces are warm, energy-efficient, and cost-effective to heat.

People in the Great Britain are facing a major threat of financially draining energy bills. ECO Boiler Grant works closely with many UK installers addressing the surrounding issues of Energy Companies for households. Our team helped many acquire free grant boilers, you could be next.


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