Underfloor insulation

Free Underfloor Insulation Grant

Why Install Underfloor Insulation?

Since suspended timber floors feel draughty! Most suspended timber floors tend to entail floorboards laid on top of timber floor joists. These draughts are commonly reduced by liners laid beneath the timber or your laminated floors, however, they fail to stop the draughts as the edges aren’t taped to make them completely airtight. When installed perfectly, underfloor insulation will keep your home warm and stops any heat from escaping. Check if you are eligible for a free underfloor insulation grant.

What is Underfloor Insulation?

For those wondering, insulating your floor is a great and trusted way to keep your house warm during the cold season. Wooden floors act as an insulator by raising the boards and setting up mineral wool insulation. For those with a basement, it creates access to the subfloor void to install insulation on your wooden floors. Insulating under the floorboards is a great idea since the ground level helps retain heat within your home, saving a lot of money on energy bills each year!

Zero Heat Loss

Heat rises, so making sure your home is adequately insulated will only keep your home warm, boosting comfort for longer.

Saves Money

Keeping your property heated is easy with less usage of central heating-saving money each year.

Low Maintenance

Once installed properly, there is no annual maintenance required. Experience peace in your cosy home.

Secure Your Home

Future-proofing your house is important since many older properties don’t have underfloor insulation. Investing in an ECO4 rating will help you upgrade your paradise.

Apply for Free Underfloor Insulation Grant

To obtain an ECO grant, a registered installer will be required to survey your property and check if it fulfils all the prerequisites. After double-checking the benefits you deserve and confirming your status, you will be asked about the energy efficiency of your home and every little detail about your EPC.

With the transition from ECO2 to ECO4, there have been major changes from replacing the old models and central heating systems to insulating homes, reducing the carbon tonnes used in Great Britain.

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