Free Back Boiler Replacement Grant

free back boiler replacement

Why replace Back Boiler with Condensing?

Back boilers reached the peak of their popularity back in the 19870s and 80s. They were the main method to warm homes, using fossil fuels such as wood or using the heat from old fireplaces. While this method was never efficient, it was the easiest, but as technology advances, the disadvantages of keeping back boilers in your home are too great to ignore. The biggest one is the free funding from the UK government that can enable you to get a new gas boiler that is completely free. The reason they are free is their ability to largely reduce carbon emissions and their efficiency when it comes to energy usage. New gas broilers may be shunned by some people who prefer to keep the aesthetics of their old homes, including back boilers that use their fireplace, but at times when bills are rising, it is important to take all available steps to help reduce them while creating a safer environment for your children. These are all good reasoning to take advantage of the free back boiler replacement grant.

Why us?

Our team is also skilled with understanding the risks that come in the process of changing the back boiler. To make sure that the back boiler does not cause harm for the client if he chooses to keep parts for decorative purposes, we know which parts to remove that can cause harm by leakage or because of continuous expansion because of the heat. Our experience has taught us the long-term safety risks that can come with the new equipment as well, which is why we only choose the best materials and install them in ways that make sure that you live in the safest environment possible.

Free Back Boiler Replacement Grant

The government boiler replacement scheme is an important part of the future, as awareness towards all steps taken to bring positive change to the environment is a crucial factor in our generation today. That is why much of the UK population that do change their back boilers do it because their children call up the energy companies to make sure they are not left out of the scheme. While the scheme is designed to reduce carbon emissions and bills, awareness is a part of it as users need to be more aware of how to reduce their heat usage as well by cutting out electricity usage in devices that don’t need it. While back boilers mostly do not use electricity, but gas boilers help you save electricity but using the free back boiler replacement grant, you make sure that your whole house is running on a more efficient energy source that uses less electricity.

Grant for Central Heating


The good news is, the process is truly simple, that your eligibility and assessment to your home are done by one certified organisation that helps bring your dream home closer to reality. This means that you do not need to go through the hassle of having to follow through and try to understand where your application lies, what kind of equipment best suits your home, and how best to carry out a modernising effort to help bring the value of your house up. It is important to choose certified companies that have long years of experience as they make sure that you you equipment that are insured and last a long time. That is why a free back boiler replacement grant can easily transform your life as they need less fixing and spare parts are usually available even if they do. That is why choosing a company that has years of experience in the field, as they will care more about their reputation by making sure their equipment breaks down less. 

That means that you don’t have to do much, as our team assessment involves every aspect of your home that we can improve. For us to fully help you, by understanding what you want more and the resources you have at hand, we can help you finance expensive equipment like air source heat pumps which is a renewable source of energy that brings your bills dramatically down. These other options alongside your new gas boiler can change your home’s carbon footprint while at the same time allowing you to experience a much more comfortable living environment. Why choose Eco Boiler Grants? Our team has fully researched the funding program from the UK government. That means we fully understand how best to utilise it to your benefit without you having to put much effort into getting what’s best for you. Our company only works for our client’s satisfaction to help them create good new memories. Our team is fully aware of all the legal steps that need to be taken to make sure that you benefit from the program in the long term. We help by considering things like which companies give you the best insurance and quality so that when the program ends in 2026, you would end up being one of the few winners.


At Eco Boiler Grants, our team is always open for feedback and allows clients to always give us any tips for improvement. This is because we believe our clients comfort is top priority and the smallest issue that can arise is always fixed by our team of expert engineers. This cannot be said about many other energy companies that give a cold shoulder once the job is done and they get paid. We also work to help client stay ahead of any new increase in funding by reapplying for their grant to allow them to benefit from improvements in the ECO 4 scheme. By staying ahead with news from the government and our Eco Boiler Grants, we make sure that we work in harmony to bring the best service to our community.