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Air Source Heat Pumps: Energy Efficient heating systems

Air source heat pumps gained immense popularity across the United Kingdom for being sustainable and economical heating systems. As per the Energy Saving Trust, Air Source Heat Pump reduces 44% of emissions every year. Not only does it keep your house warm during cold weather, but it keeps the water hot too! An Air Source Heat Pump grabs heat at a low temperature from the outside air, it increases the air temperature using a compressor system, providing heat and hot water. When the air-source heat pump uses heat from the outside and converts it to a working solution, keeps your house warm enough. They do it so much more efficiently than those conventional gas-fired boilers or heating systems.

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Advantages of Air Source Heat Pumps

  • Low maintenance. An annual check-up on the main components, safety checking, and filter cleaning are all that are required.
  • Air source heat pumps significantly reduce your heating energy bills.
  • These pumps are highly controllable and can retain a stable temperature within your home, unlike boiler heating systems.
  • The way this system operates, the components last longer than normal.
  • RHI incentives are available for 7 years once installed.
  • Switching to an Air Source Heat Pump reduces carbon footprints and emissions.

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